Your Next Software Engineering Project is here

We offer a long-term remote project in some of the prominent US tech organizations with a handsome dollar salary.

You Do Not Have To Pay A Single Penny To Get The Projects.

Why Join Our Devs Network

Connect With Us, we will match you with the perfect remote job.

Stop applying for jobs because this is not what you are trained to do it. We have got your back here.

Salary In US Dollars

We offer our Devs to start working on US-based organizations’ tech projects and get US dollars credited to their account.

Easy to Join, Easy to Earn

Experience a completely hassle-free process of joining our Devs network and start working on projects of your choice. We will handle the rest of the things, from legal work and payroll to career support.

Only Remote Work

Work from anywhere; we mean it. Our Devs do not need to relocate anywhere. They have the feasibility to work from anywhere – either from the beach or home.

Challenging Jobs

We understand that skilled professionals like you love to solve the latest tech problems. We offer you challenging jobs to match your skill set. Get the project and start earning.

You connect with us once. We will find a perfect job for you.

While You Take Care of Our Clients, we take care of Payroll, Legal work, perks, and other benefits.

Stop submitting a resume and skip unnecessary tests and interviews

Keep honing your tech skills while we will offer you hand-picked remote jobs


Most frequent questions and answers

Our contracts don’t have any expiration date, but usually, it lasts more than 12 months.

We provide 100% remote work opportunities so that you can work from anywhere you wish to work. 

The first phase is connecting with someone from Tricascade. Our executive will initiate a 50-minute chat with you wherein we will evaluate your entire profile, communication, professional experience, and what opportunities will match your profile. Moreover, during that chat session, we will answer your queries about how we work and the next steps. If selected, you will be part of the Tricascade talent pool and will guide you to work for some of the best tech organizations in America.

Your Hiring Challenges, Our Talent Solutions


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